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I am a novice astrophotographer. My main camera, the Canon EOS 60Da, was just purchased in January of 2013, and there are not too many clear observing nights in Maryland. This means that I have not been able to accumulate very much experience with the equipment and technique required to produce high-quality astrophotographs. To become a more experienced astrophotographer, I have many hours of work ahead of me to refine my technique in telescope mount alignment, camera focusing, camera exposure settings, image post-processing, and talking to experts. I expect that my astrophotography skills will improve over time, and I hope that you are able to discern this improvement in my newer work over time. A convenient way to track my progress is to receive update notices by joining or following me in the social media below. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome, and I would be happy to share my knowledge.

Jim Johnson